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Weddings Filming, Photograpy and Website

How discreet is your filming?

We are always hidden in the background of your wedding day. Our aim is to capture the day as naturally as possible, so this often means standing back from the action and using the zoom on the camera. We don’t ask anything of you apart from that you enjoy yourselves.

Do you film while we are eating?

We do not film while you and your guests are eating. Not only can it make you and your guests feel uncomfortable, but it also serves as a rest for the camera operator, who has probably been filming non-stop for about six hours.

Will you require an evening meal?

We often get asked this question and our answer is – We do not require a meal to be supplied as we supply our own food.

Can I have my own choice of music

Yes, we always ask you to choose your own music as its your video/DVD and it makes it more personal. If you want to run it past us first before you make up your mind, feel free.

Music Copyright

High standards of production, mean high quality products. That's why we like to use commercial music within our video productions instead of copyright free music, which often sounds very stale and isn’t as personal to you.

Do you have a favorite song and would like to hear it along with the footage before deciding. The songs may have relevance to your relationship with your partner or might just be a song you really like and think may suit you.

However with the use of commercial music, you must pay royalties for the rights to use that music on your video, otherwise you are making an illegal copy of an artists work.

There are three licences that must be granted, before you are able to use commercial music in your video. The cost of this is £80.00, which is included in all our standard packages. The licences allow you to record the music and make copies of your final production.

What about the video length?

We think your wedding video should be entertaining and we believe that an hour long programme is just enough. The main things that determine the running time of your film are the number of guests, the duration of the ceremony, speeches etc. After editing, the average wedding film lasts one and a half hours. A smaller wedding usually results in a shorter DVD, while a larger wedding will have a longer DVD.

Do you provide the raw footage?

We do supply the raw footage on request, but only selected sections and at an extra cost

How soon after the wedding will I receive the video?

We normally deliver the video within 1 month of your Wedding day. Sometimes during the summer months we can be put back to 6 weeks, but we will never compromise standards or rush things, regardless of how busy we are. We will try our best to give you an estimated delivery time at the time of the wedding. Our aim for every wedding is 3 weeks and no longer than 6 weeks.

What dress code do you follow?

We take pride in portraying a professional image in every regard and our wedding day attire is always fitting for the occasion.

How can we see your work?

A short show-reel can be viewed on this website or alternatively you can request a show-reel to be sent to you by post on our contacts page.

How far in advance should I book?

Book your wedding videographer as soon as you set a date or at least a year in advance, especially if your wedding is on a weekend to avoid any disappointment.